Words done this month: 6000, ish.

Current total word count: About 18,500.

Current mood: Excited!

April low point: The last few days of the month, when I felt really stuck on where the story was going.

April high point: 21st and the following few days. I pledged to write 1000 words a day. I didn’t manage that, but got a lot written, and was really enjoying it.

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So, Christ on a bike, it’s May 2010 already. This year is absolutely belting along, like a runaway train it sometimes seems. Like Rob, I’m going to keep this brief.

March was a pretty crappy month, for many reasons, let alone the utter lack of writing that I managed to get done. If you read mylast update you’ll know how down I was feeling, after struggling through March. April has been much better. After a bit of a slow start, March still being fresh in my mind, the writing began to pick up towards the middle of the month. Now I’m really in territory beyond that which I normally write. The story is nearly at 20k words now, and besides my NaNo novel, which was written a long time ago, my stories are only ever a couple of thousand words long. So, getting my teeth into something longer is proving really exciting, if very challenging at the same time.

About two thirds of the way through the month the writing was really going strong. I was writing both on the computer and longhand, at different times of the day, long writing sessions and smaller snippets of writing tucked into lunchbreaks and at the end of the day before dropping off to sleep. I was really enjoying it, and was also invigorated by some rather exciting news. Some of you will know what that is, those of you who don’t will find out tomorrow…

Unfortunately, the writing ground to a halt at the very end of the month. I became unsure about the plot of my novel, and found myself writing without really caring what was happening. The ‘jumping’ that happens in the novel is key, and at the moment it involves jumping to another place, another world. Yet I was suddenly unsure as to what this world should be, and my questions about whether I should change it ranged from subtle tweaks to complete overhauls. I have yet to write anything in May, with having a busy weekend away, but I think I have now decided where to take the plot of my novel, and settled on what the jumping in the story actually entails. Hopefully this will mean that when I come to write later today, I will be more comfortable with the story, and it will begin working again.

I am feeling particularly invigorated actually, after talking with my good friend Ben on Saturday. I have asked him to create a cover image for StairJumpers, and he agreed! We had a really in-depth discussion/brainstorming as to what the cover might look like, and he is excited to work out some ideas. Visualising a cover to StairJumpers has really got me excited about the story again!

Let’s see what May shall bring!